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If you interested in learning to surf on the North Shore, please consider NSSL.? NSSL provides surfing lessons for beginners to advanced in all age groups. .

Our team of dedicated, experienced professional Lifeguard trained surf instructors will bring the best of what the North Shore offers, whiles keeping you in a safe learning environment.
NSSL chooses learning friendly waves to gain the fundamentals of paddling, standing and carving on a wave. With our “Surf camp” we offer an and over night stay on the beach for a week of ideal conditions to learn how to surf!


We are a mobile surf lesson company so you will meet at the best location that day. We secure the location the day before the lesson to insure safety and learning conditions suite the client.

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Join with us to enjoy the new adventure at ocean

Call us at 808-255-8671 or email us using the form below to book your surf lesson.